Sunday, December 21, 2008

I have a dream! Part One

My biggest dream is to travel around the world to see and learn as much as possible about America, Africa, Australia and Asia. And the summer 2010, I'm actually doing it! Me and my friend Camilla has started some of the planning, and feeling confident that this is something we are going to do.

Here is the route so far:

Norway - New York - Chicago - Route 66 (Grand Canyon, Las Vegas) - Los Angeles - Mexico - Cuba - Brasil - Fernando de Noronha - South Africa - Australia - Asia - Norway

We are going to stay for 3 moths in Mexico and another 3 moths in Australia to work during the trip, so we guess it will take about a year to complete it!

All advices and tips are more than welcome:)



  1. 2010 is the world cup in south africa so if you like soccer or want to experience something cool make sure your there

  2. and what about your boyfriend?...does he likes the idea of you leaving him behind for a year or so ?


  3. Of course he don't!He would not love me if he didn't!But he will be on the last year of his master degree, so he will be very busy! And when he can, he'll come and visit me! We talked a lot about it, and I really hope will find a way to make it work before I go!
    It is a dream I have to furfill before we can settle down, get married and have a lot of kids=)

  4. Heia! Da er det enda noen kjente som er på blogspot, koselig! :) Høres ut som en fantastisk reise! *misunnelig*